8 de abril de 2011

BRAZIL IN MOURNING: 12 kids dead and many others injured by a psychopath that invaded a school in Rio de Janeiro.

Yesterday, April 7th, a 23 years old man went to a school in the suburb of Rio and opened fire against children between 13 and 14 years. According to the witnesses, the guy was a former student of that school and said he would do a lecture for the students. But he went to a classroom and started shooting in children. He shooted especially the girls, reaching precisely the areas of the chest and head. 10 girls and 2 boys died. Now other 13 kids are hospitalized in critical situation and others had small injuries.

The man entered in two classrooms, with two revolvers (38mm), and reloaded the weapons several times. He was going to another floor, to continue the massacre, when the police arrived. After been approached and shooted in the leg by a policeman, still inside the school, the man killed himself. Leaving a suicide letter with confusing messages about how he wanted to be buried and so on.

A very sad episode in our history... Sometimes even a violent city as Rio is shocked by a case of violence without reason like this one. Today I cried so much reading and watching the news about it. Especially when I imagined the despair of the teachers watching the massacre of them students, the suffering of the families caught by surprise and the panic among the younger, that were only living a normal school day and watched their friends been killed.

I have friends that are professors in Rio and I have my little students also in Rio. Thank God that not happened with them, but the pain of see a case like this inside a school, with so many deaths and so many dreams destroyed, is terrible.

In Brazil, now, we live 3 days of official mourning. Here in my room in Suita (Osaka, Japan), in my heart and in the hearts of all the Brazilians who live here, in the other side of the world, we live this mourning too.

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